Karmen Elaine began education and accelerated her passion for photography in Chicago, Illinois. Karmen studied at Harrington College of Design with a degree in Commercial Digital Photography.


Assisting and photographing anything and everyone from interior design work and furniture (Kevin Grace/ Humboldt House/ Project Interiors) Karmen Elaine has a strong connection with local Chicago businesses and designers.


2008-2018 Karmen was based in Chicago, Illinois. Client roster includes multiple restaurant groups, independent production companies, non-profit organizations, and corporate agencies.

Representing, promoting and covering events that highlight the LGBTQ community, black and brown, and other minority groups has been the passion. Visibility, agency, and opportunity are important parts to play in the development of the world to come.

Additionally, graphic design, digital media management, social media video shorts, and event programming experience influenced her move to Detroit in October 2018.