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Fly Honey Show 9

The Fly Honey Show is a Muti-facited "fuck off show" That takes over Chicago every summer for the last nine years. This season, with the help of The Chicago Photography Academy, and photographers Chelsea Ross, and Zoe Lubeck the marketing photos were a hit. Emma Alamo's custom harnesses can be purchased here. Jenifer L'Amour Dorman created the final pixels with animation lines. Learn more about the show here





At my high school we had these things called "mock elections" best eyes, best hair, most likely to become president etc. It was always a lot of fun, and I thought to myself, why not have one now? Every person, brings something different to your life- and hopefully it is positive. I spend my life making portraits of people- capturing moments and enjoying life. 


There will not be a "voting process" or "elections" but it would be amazing to start a summer queerbook of the communities, people & fashion that surrounds a midwest summer. Get to know the people we've called "Friends" see where they picked up that cute hat, or tips on thrifting. Who knows, maybe you'll find that person you fell in love with at DYKEMARCH CHICAGO. 


The majority of the images are candids-catching people in their natural day to day, and not having them be concerned with wardrobe, or studio equipment. This is an ongoing project, that I am excited to begin! Thanks to everyone for being a part of it! Click image below to view.


Moving forward we will be contucing interviews. Showcasing the work and communities we support and build. We do a lot more than throw amazing parties. 


Queerbook is a compilation of Chicago based individuals

. We are more than what we even know. We are the

future mothers, fathers teachers & lawyers. We are

artists, activists, designers and revolutionaries.

We want to change the world... and we will..we are.


Youtube channel: Kelaine Photo


Special Thanks to:

Kaitlin Webster

Mavi Musto

Alison Kuk

Angela Davis Fegan



Darling Shear









Rick Proper

Rachael Reuter

Karmen Elaine 

Curated a show summer 2016  based on how artists relate to the word "connection" at the Fulton Street collective. A "one night only" installation proved to be an excellent bridge of creative processes.

art by:

Jane Georges

Rachael Reuter

Karmen Elaine

Rick Proper

Michelle Graves

Liv Boyle

Claire S.

Michael Winfield

Violet Luczak

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