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In my life I have had the opportunity to know a lot of my clients before a session. What is so crazy, is that I am a pretty outgoing person. Super friendly, and very social, however when it comes to getting in the studio, the model isn't the only one that gets nervous. Every time I set up a session, I think to myself, do they like the photos? Do I look like I know what I'm doing? Are they comfortable?

As the photographer it is our job to make the client feel comfortable on the other side of the camera. After that, all we can do is be ourselves and work as hard as we can to produce the best images we can. It isn't about us once we get in that studio. It is about the client. I always a lot about three hours on set. This leaves plenty of time for talk, water breaks, jokes and "getting to know yous." I think that it is important to have this time scheduled into the session, along with time prior to get out of YOUR head before heading in. I think that in often time certain wardrobes, props, body types and location restrictions often stop us from going the extra mile because its not "like the tear sheet" but that is the beauty of it. This is YOUR session. No one elses- This is not americas next top model, I am not going to spend six weeks editing your face. You don't need it.

Today I was able to meet and shoot with Jamie. She is graduating from Columbia and a fellow creative. We were able to look at each other and say, this is our passion! And we are doing it.. slowly but surely. It might not be the "Dream" but we are working towards it. It was so awesome to connect on a different level with someone I hadn't met before the studio.

Get out there. Meet new people, get inspired, do stuff. Travel. Smile. Live, work hard. Validate and empower yourself. Do it for you.. and do not compare your work to someone elses. Its ours, its not supposed to look like someone elses.



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