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I graduated! From Harrington College of Design with an Associates in Applied Science of Digital Photography.I am, and have always been a working photographer doing my best to put myself out there and get paid to do what I love. It is so wild to think that its over and that for the last year aside from a bar job I have been living off of my photography! After 84 years of educating Chicago creatives, our doors at Harrington are closing. I cannot image where I would be right now without Danyel Duncan introducing me to the schoo. and the facility itself. I am so honored to know the people that I do, and to be taught the things I have been. I believe that I will continue my education somewhere else, but I'm not sure for what yet. I have a vacation planned, and a few months to try and figure out the next chapter for me.

The job application process continues as I make it a goal to apply to at least three dream jobs a week. Casting all of my nets until something comes back. My family was able to see me graduate, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Today with Dirk Fletcher and some classmates we were able to cover the 100year anniversary of The Red Cross at the Heroes breakfast at The Sheridan hotel in Chicago. We got to see and watch stories of local fire fighters, police officers and every day people that change the world around them. Here are some images from this experience.





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