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Slow down

So It has been the craziest last couple of weeks. I went on vacation to Oakland, California. It was so beautiful! I brought my camera, but at the same time, I felt that it was nice to not have it on me. To just walk around and take in the fact that I was enjoying the earth with minimal distractions or obligations. I realized that it had been forever since I had stepped outside and heard- nothing- to look into the trees and see no path, to panic if it were a snake or a gecko. And it was really relaxing. Sometimes vacations can be hectic, or drunken spells of dancing and drama, and this one was a refreshing “reset” for me mentally and spiritually-which is needed. When I got back from vacation I immediately hit the ground running. Finishing up a couple classes and moving this first week back. Threw my heart and body into overdrive. I felt volcanic. I went from a serene energy and relaxed mental state, to moving, back to work, trying out for roller-derby and having job interviews and clients in five days. It is/was a lot.. and I am just now getting my balance back. As I was looking through my pictures on my phone I saw some shots from my trip that brought me back to that place of calm. My spirit was and is thankful. This post doesn’t have too much to do with “photography” but a lot to do with self-care and slowing down. I am a professional at burning myself out, and doing the most. I also performed at Salonathon which is “a home for underground, emerging and genre-defying art.” For the first time since last year. My mother has always been inspiring for my writing. I think it has taken a back seat to a lot of things, but it is still something I enjoy doing. In moving this past weekend, I found about 15 journals that were all started with the intent to fill up the pages from cover to cover. Lots of lists and goals, lots of prayers and heartache. It was important to see that I haven’t written for myself that much lately. Everything translates to “work” It is important to feel vulnerable every once in a while. Seek out discomfort. Stretch yourself. Trust yourself. Trust your heart and your art.

So really this post goes out to the creatives. Those that feel trapped in their artistic releases. Remember why you do what you do. Find a journal from 2003 and see how far you’ve come. Pamper and affirm yourself.

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