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Hello everyone! This summer has been off to an interesting start! Lots of independent work and the beginning of a new project.

I came from a conservative background, Christian school- Bible college.. and a "rowdy" night on the town really meant getting margaritas at Buffalo Wild Wings or eating full oranges with Blue Moon. My relationships, and conversations were sober, and meaningful. The people I call (called) friends, I actually knew them.

Fast forward to six years ago and I am in Chicago. We drink, go out for drinks, talk about drinks and study the art of drinking. It is easy to begin to feel unfifilled or annoyed with the people around me, because it's the same mundane parties, same conversation including but no limited to:

" I love my boyfriend"

" I hate my girlfriend"

" I'm still single"

"Are you going out tonight?"

My roommate asked me "Do all the gays just know each other? It seems like all you do is go to dance parties." (first nudge) It was dyke march 2015 in Humboldt park when it hit me. THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD! In my height of frustration, I am finding and learning that some of the people I surround myself with are actually interesting humans! (gasp!) We all have jobs, hustles, side hustles, families, hobbies, interests, OUTSIDE OF GOING TO THE BAR! Let's talk about THAT. We are all so terrified of being vulnerable because we fear it will be used against us as a weakness. But if we out ourselves as __________ it can become our strengths.

We all enjoy a party, and the community we surround ourselves with love the dancefloor and give back, and invest- but what about outside of that? Even the people who THROW the parties for a living- do. other. things. There are people going to grad school for prosthetic developement, social/ political activists, doctors, lawers, artists, writers and so much more! How often after three whiskey drinks do we try to hold a meaningful conversations but it seems to fall flat? Just me? Understood.

I'm not saying that meaningful conversations and genuine people don't exist. I'm actually saying that they do! So lets chase that together. Then meet on the dancefloor.

#queerbook is a compilation of Chicago based individuals. We are more than what we even know. We are the future parents and families, teachers & lawyers. We are artists, activists, designers and revolutionaries. We want to change the world... and we will.

August 1st will be the release of the first interview with Kaitlin Webster.

follow the project on tumblr at:

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