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Another Mama with a blog.

Welcome! here you will find letters on life. From my journey to becoming a mama, to traveling and doing it on our own. For whatever reason, you hit a trajectory in life where you begin a blog for eyes other than your own, and here we are.

Writing on your life experiences not because you are a professional at whatever you choose to write on but because it is your life. Being a jack of all trades and a master of none is my red flag. In no way am I stating that any of this is new, easy or glamorous. The journey to get here has been a much shorter road than most. I feel so lucky and blessed to be where I am and have Elexander to stare at each day. While budding this experience it's also unrooting some things within myself that are now under a magnifying glass that is bigger than I imagined.

The number of things that race through my mind each night before bed are broad and busy. The victories and losses of the day and the intentions for the next. What is it going to take to make it? The mental space nine months postpartum is a complicated one. I was asked by a friend "Are you happy?" My answer was that I feel happiness around the life I am building for myself but I am not positive that is the answer to the question that was asked. The feelings of alone-ness and loneliness are different, and yet very similar. The sense of family and community is different. Work is different, travel is different and most of all the social life is different. Tuning in with a new found social anxiety at 35 is tiring an triggering a sense of anonymity. As much as I am a mother, daughter, sister, photographer. These words will serve as letters to others feeling like they are in a similar place in space and time.

I'll be sharing experiences, resources, recipes challenges and more

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